Retro arcade game for the Mini Jam 62: Colors

(Beware, the game doesn't work properly on Firefox)


Two player pong like game, try to pick up matching colored pong balls with your paddle and shoot them at your opponents bricks!

Mind, the game is a bit unpolished but, you know, jam. ; )

(If some sounds are distorted you can mute them in the pause menu with the Escape key or M)

Still, we plan to make an improved post compo, even maybe with online multi...

Stay tuned!


Left player:

W and S for up and down, Q to change color and D to shoot.

Right player:

Up and down arrow keys to move, left arrow key to shoot and right arrow key to change color.

Space bar to start new game, and escape key (or M if you're playing fullscreen) to bring up the pause menu.

SN & Splushy, come say hi to us at the ComigoGames Discord!

Also we highly encourage you to check out the Ct.js game engine, it is extremely underrated and is very well made and simple to use!

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